Ivan Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Watson, is originally from Philadelphia’s Mt. Airy section and is attempting to change lives of minorities daily.

Watson has seen minorities lack job opportunities, have deficiencies in the education and skill of trade and is giving the disadvantaged and minorities the chance to have a better life. From ongoing discrimination, to various forms of obstacles with many barriers, Watson overcame each trial, winning with more than just success.

Watson has traveled throughout the country to places such as California and Minneapolis, but chose to settle in his hometown filled with fruitful memories. Watson’s business, The Watson Organization, was officially chartered in 2008, but the inspiration for ‘The Watson Organization’ began as a child.

The inspiration for The Watson Organization began with a dream and his parents. Both parents were involved with real estate during his childhood and their strong will and drive encouraged Watson to strive for the same. Watson’s father is a local self-employed painter who showed him the definition of being independent and ambitious.

His father guided and steered him as a young man in the direction of being self-employed.

The dream of starting his own business became a reality when Watson received his first credit card that had a $300 dollar limit. Receiving the credit card was motivation for Watson to take a leap into the business world.

“You don’t understand the amount of barriers I had to deal with daily that I overcame as the years passed,” said Watson.

The Watson Organization is a union painting company in Philadelphia. Watson sends a special thanks to Joseph Ashdale who serves as the union business manager. Watson’s union, District Council 21, gives workers the ability to advance their knowledge and enhance their skills and opportunities to bring a sense of camaraderie towards their colleagues. His most astonishing accomplishments were obtaining his DBE/MBE (Disadvantage and Minority Business Enterprise) certifications. These certifications proved that Watson was ready for his business to thrive.

“I have learned that you must work for what you want, because it doesn’t come easy. I am fortunate to have one of the best people, other than my parents, come into my life – Seth Shapiro,” said Watson. “Shapiro is a man of integrity, honor and love. In writing, I told him that we all are going to make it, because he is here.”

When asked who was dear to his heart, Watson began to express the hurt he endured over the past year due to the loss of sister, Gail Watson. Watson and his sister shared a bond that he greatly cherishes. Watson explains how Gail impacted his life, making him the person he is today. From the friendship to sibling love, Watson will always have a spot in his heart for his sister, as she continues to motivate him spiritually and mentally.

As a businessman, Watson’s goal is to open up more doors and opportunities for minorities and disadvantaged individuals. Recently, he has been granted the opportunity to work with Turner Construction in the Philadelphia Navy Yard project. Alongside this amazing project, he also works with Art Institutes throughout the United States.

"We pride ourselves on standing service to our customers. Our services vary from Commercial, Industrial Painting and more," said Watson. 

When Watson is not working diligently, he is spending time with his family, generating new ideas and then is back to the business. His purpose is to work hard with his brother, Jonathan Watson, to build a solid corporation that will stand strong in the city of Philadelphia as a vessel for the disadvantaged.